I would start by saying that I grew up with a camera, and guitar in hand because my father was an Army soldier, a pilot, guitar player, and photographer.
In fact I can’t remember a time in my life that I did not have a camera or a guitar in my hands.
Music came first, because the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Led Zeppelin inspired me so.  
But I carried the camera with me all the years in the music business, and photography was my pleasure.
In 1982 I left the guitars, in storage. Took a camera, a new dream, and a beautiful model girlfriend off to Milan. I shot an eight page fashion story for Italian Cosmo MagazIne in 1982, and I thought it would be fast and easy, but in fact it took the next twenty years of testing, shooting a lot of jobs that just put one foot in front of the other, and traveling from NYC, to Hamburg, Paris, and back to N.Y., before I landed in Shanghai China in 2002.
Finally the right place at the right time.
First job Elle Magazine 2002, and there followed a blur that lasted, until I started Jarrell Guitars in 2007.
In 2004, I co-founded "5th Avenue Photography Studio" in Shanghai.
I was shooting 450 fashion editorial pages a year, and by 2007, had shot 75 magazine covers, fashion catalogues, advertisements, Getty Images, Rock Concerts, like the first time every Rolling Stones in China and every major western concert that landed in Shanghai.
Here is a short list of some of my clients.
Elle Magazine, Italian Cosmo Magazine, Stuff Magazine China, Biba Magazine, Oggy Magazine China Edition, Can Cam Magazine, HOW Magazine, Men's Metropolis Magazine, Zink Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine U.S., Rolling Stone Magazine Japan, Seventeen Magazine, Cosmo Girl, IMG Media, Details Magazine, America Online, G4 Media INC., Player Magazine, VH-1 Channel- New York, Prinz Magazine, Beatleg Magazine, Blender Magazine, In Tune Monthly, China South Airlines In flight Magazine and Sony Music CD Covers. Many fashion companies, for catalogue, and advertisement.
Around 2007 I co founded Jarrell Guitars, and started a transition from 100% photographer to guitar design, owner, developer of Jarrell Guitars projects, including all aspects, which certainly included photographing the products for catalogue, and creating the website. I am post some of those images here.
In 2005 I shot images for the "Shanghai Chinese Opera Costume Institute" on a book project, which is now used in universities across China. The 160 page hard back book, entitled, “Colorize”.
The following year, after shooting for the school again, I was inspired to invite the students to bring their costumes back to my studio and I shot images, for my fine art collect, which was part of my “Rock and Roll Art Journey” exhibition at the Zhu Jia Jiao Museum of Humanities in 2016.
The “Rock and Roll Art Journey” exhibition is a collection of fine art photography, hand crafted guitars, and celebrity magazine covers.
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